4 Signs You Are Ready to Upsize to A New Brea Home

Let’s face it. When you bought that 2 bedroom condo near the beach you really were a different person. You weren’t thinking too far into the future; you were thinking about the weekend and how every day would be like a vacation. Now the future is here, your life and needs are totally different, and your dream beach life is not feeling too much like a vacation anymore. Here are 4 signs you are ready to give up the dream and upsize to a new, Brea home.

1. If You Feel Cramped It’s Time to Upsize to A New Brea Home

It happens to everyone. You move from a small apartment and buy your first home and feel like you’ve got all the space in the world. How will you ever use all that closet space? But, over time, stuff accumulates and you wish you had an extra closet (or 3). Sure, you can give some of your stuff away, but you bought that stuff for a reason. Eventually, that starter home that once felt cavernous with endless opportunities for space, feels cramped and cluttered. It’s time to upsize to a new Brea home.

2. If Your family is Growing It’s Time to Upsize to A New Brea Home

This was the biggest reason for me. I had that sweet 2 bedroom condo at the beach and it was great when I was newly married and wanted to walk everywhere and didn’t care about having to park blocks away from my condo or take my laundry to the laundromat once every week. I had the time and any hassle was worth it because of the lifestyle. Enter kid #1. Still doable. We had the extra bedroom. There was A LOT more laundry but I could just stick her in a carrier and deal with it. Parking was more of an issue, especially when I had groceries. It got more difficult as she got older and was mobile. Try to keep an 18 month old from running away from you when you are trying to get loads of stuff up to your condo. Our 2 bedroom condo started to feel cluttered and cramped, not only with stuff, but with a little person running around trying to entertain herself.

Then I got pregnant with kid #2. Time to move! We needed not only a different place, but a bigger place. I wanted a garage and washer and dryer. I didn’t want to take an elevator or stairs to get to my home. I wanted a yard for my kids so they wouldn’t run around my house and destroy it. I wanted a safe city in suburbia with great schools and plenty of parking. That’s when we upsized to our Brea home and have never regretted it. The neighborhood, schools, and amenities are great. We are close to everything that we could ever need. If your growing family is making your starter home feel like it’s going to explode at the seams, it’s time to upsize to a new Brea home.

3. If Your Commute is Horrendous It’s Time to Upsize to A New Brea Home

When you bought your first place you weren’t concerned with your hour (plus) long commute. You were living the dream. As long as you could enjoy your place on evenings and weekends it was worth it. It’s been awhile and the spell is starting to wear off and that long commute, twice a day, is wearing on you. If the lifestyle doesn’t seem worth it to you anymore because of the horrible commute you have to endure 5 days a week, it may be time to upsize to a new Brea home.

4. If You Were Just Waiting for a Favorable Market It’s Time to Upsize to A New Brea Home

You bought your starter home as just that: a starter home. You knew eventually that you would be upsizing, but were waiting for favorable market conditions. Good news! Your starter home most likely has tons of equity in it. That means that if you sell your home home now, you may make enough money on the sale for a nice down payment on your new, Brea home. More good news! Interest rates are historically low so the cost to finance your new Brea home will be low. Win-Win!

If you are ready to sell your starter home and move to a bigger home, call the experts at Homearly. They can help you find the perfect Brea home to meet your current and future needs.

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