Do Brea Buyers Need a Brea Real Estate Agent?

If you are a first time home buyer in Brea, should you get a Brea real estate agent? Absolutely! A Brea real estate agent knows the area expertly, will represent your interests in the transaction, and knows the entire process inside-out. The best part is, it’s free.

A Local Brea Real Estate Agent Knows Brea

Any licensed agent in California can sell you a Brea home. But, do you really want just any old agent to aide you in this huge purchase? Hiring an agent who is local to the area is key. An Brea real estate agent who specializes in Brea homes, knows each neighborhood, area schools, and just about everything else you would want to know about Brea is the agent you want to hire.

A Brea Real Estate Agent Provides The Best Representation

Every time a house is sold, there are two sides to the transaction. The buyer’s side and the seller’s side. The seller will most likely have their own Brea real estate agent helping them with the process of selling their home. That agent represents the seller, has their best interests in mind, and is negotiating on their behalf. That agent has no responsibility to you, as the buyer. Without a licensed Brea real estate agent on your side, you would be on your own.

A Brea Real Estate Agent Knows The Ins And Outs Of the Home Buying Process

Your Brea real estate agent will do much more than represent you in negotiations. If you hire an agent right when you start your home buying journey, that agent will start by connecting you with a reputable lender to get you pre-approved so you know how much you can spend on a home. Once you are pre-approved, your Brea real estate agent will meet with you to find out the criteria for your perfect home. With access to the MLS, you can then expect your agent to start sending you lists of homes that match your checklist. A full-time Brea real estate agent will take the time to show you your favorites on your schedule. They have access to the homes and don’t need to wait until the home has an open house.

Once you find your dream home, that’s when you’ll be even more happy that you have an experienced Brea real estate agent on your side. You will never have to deal with the sellers or the seller’s agent. Your buyer’s agent will do all the work, including helping you make offers and send them, as well as negotiate terms and price. Once your offer is accepted, your Brea real estate agent will work behind the scenes to make sure everything that needs to get done, gets done. From scheduling the home inspection and appraisal, to walking you through every page of the contract, to the day of closing when you get the keys, your Brea agent will do it all. With your own buyer’s agent, you can take the guesswork and worry out of buying a home. In short, your Brea real estate agent will be your advisor and advocate during the entire home buying process.

Hiring a Brea Real Estate Agent to Buy Your Home Is Free

Good news! In California, the seller typically pays both the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent fees. When the seller lists their home with a realtor, the commission for both agents is written into the listing contract and comes out of the proceeds of the sale. There are very few instances in which you would pay your Brea real estate agent’s commission. Hiring a Brea real estate agent is a win-win.

How to Find the Right Agent

It just makes sense to have an agent represent your interests as a buyer. Finding a good, experienced Brea real estate agent can be hard. It’s easy to get a real estate license, so don’t just go with someone you know because they have a licence. Find someone with experience, someone with a proven track record, who is a full-time, licensed Brea real estate agent. The full-time experts at Homearly preview and show between 500 and 800 homes per week. They know the local inventory and valuations for Brea homes. The team of Brea real estate agents at Homearly know everything there is to know about buying a home and are expert negotiators. They are who you want on your side!

Save yourself the hassle and hire an experienced Homearly buyer’s agent to do the work for you, so all you have to worry about is packing.

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We are so grateful to have worked with him. And when the time comes to sell or buy a home again, there is no one else we could imagine turning to.