Housing Consumer Trends | June 2020

Housing Consumer Trends | June 2020

Here are some of the major Housing Consumer Trends we are seeing this year!

Home Offices

A lot of people are working from home so they need a little bit more space. They need a separate office or area where they can work where it’s calm and quiet. Somewhere they can actually focus and get stuff done.

Education Spaces

With education moving into the home just like home offices people need more room for their kids. For example spaces like a backyard for recess.

Home Gyms

With gyms still closed in many areas, fitness has also moved into the home. People are looking for even more space where they can have their work out equipment. A place to put their dumbbells or maybe set up a screen where they can do some home hit workouts.

Bigger Kitchens

Due to the pandemic restrictions, people have learned their kitchen isn’t just for show but is functional as well. Without restaurants, the kitchen is a space where we host friends and we can just have dinner at home. People are cooking a lot more and didn’t we all just go through a learning to bake our own bread phase.


With people summering at home this year we are seeing a high demand for a pool or a home jacuzzi as desirable add on.

Moving out of the City

We’re are seeing another trend of people moving away from high-density areas to low-density communities. A natural reation to current events. People don’t want to have to interact and go on elevators and be too close to people.

With the whole work from home movements, people are actually able to buy further away from their jobs, further away from urban centers. If they don’t have to drive an hour and a half, they can go and buy a home an hour away from work where it’s cheaper and they can get more space.

All these trends are going to be accelerated in the coming months just because of the work from home situation. If you’re working from home, you don’t have to drive to work, then you don’t need daycare which has gotten really expensive recently.

Schools have not really done a great job focusing on kids, helping them to develop and learn. So a lot of people are gonna find out that they can actually teach their kids much more effectively at home.

So I see many of these trends sticking around for a while. They may not stay at the same level, they might not stay at the same intensity, but some versions of these trends are here to stay because they have been growing since before the pandemic.

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