How will Real Estate Agents Adapt to a Changing Market?

Real estate agents, just like any other professionals are going to have to change and adapt to a changing market. Whether it is the way they do their marketing, the way they sell homes, how they communicate with their clients,  transact, and do their day to day.

There is a major shift that’s happening right now in the real estate industry. The ability to be in contact with your client physically at all points of the transaction has changed and become more difficult. All these difficulties are going to put a lot of pressure on all agents to adopt technology, new ways of communication, and sometimes to a whole new way of doing business.

If an agent has been getting most of their clients through open houses they are going to have to shift their business strategy as open house attendance declines. Agents who connect mainly with their neighbors and community by door knocking, delivering goodie bags and flyers are going to have to fundamentally change their approach. 

Shifting to and finding ways to indirectly connect with them or even only online. If you are an agent that attends parties and is a networker that goes to church, birthday parties, and other events you will have to shift.

Agents who are thriving right now are those that had built their infrastructure and their systems and processes around interacting with people online engaging with them directly.As opposed to, the agents that are mostly focused on marketing, farming communities, sending out flyers and postcards or, focused on networking and attending events.

There is going to be a growing community of people coming from the service industry entering the real estate industry.  Which is a good thing because they’re going to come in into a different real estate world. They’re going to learn new skills and they’re going to be able to build careers as real estate helps save the economy as a whole.

We need a lot more construction and homes. There’s a lot of demand with a disconnect with supply. Many young people entering the real estate industry are going to be able to pick up, the technology, tools, and new ways of doing business to help people their age purchase their dream homes. 

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