Jay and the Homearly Team will sell over $180 Million Dollars in real estate this year alone! We are the fastest growing Real Estate Team in Orange County. I don’t tell you this to impress you, but instead to impress upon you that our systems flat out work!

Thanks to our time-tested, multi-tiered approach to selling real estate, you can count on The Homearly Team to attract the most buyers, sell your home in the least amount of time, for the highest price possible.

Our home-selling system focuses on 5 key areas to attract the greatest number of Buyers and sell your home for the highest possible price.

  1. Preparation – No matter what the real estate market is doing, homebuyers will always pay a premium for a turnkey property in great condition.  In most markets, Buyers will pay up to 5 to 10% more for a home that is turnkey. So with every property we list, we provide a free upgrades analysis, along with specific recommendations as to which upgrades will pay a 200%, 300% or 400% return when selling the home. Once we agree on a preparation plan, we immediately put our team of property preparation specialists to work for you to make the process simple and hassle-free. And what if you don’t have the available funds to do the upgrades? In some cases we may even be able to help defer the costs of renovation to be paid AFTER the home sells.
  2. Presentation – With over 90% of homebuyers starting their search online, it’s critical to make your home appear in the best light possible online because that is where the first viewing happens and we never get a second chance to make a first impression. To ensure a stellar first impression, we bring in our professional photographers, videographers and stagers to make your home show like a model home and create an irresistible WOW from the moment the Buyer sees your property online through the moment they walk through your door.
  3. Warrantee – In addition to making the home look great on the outside, we also proactively conduct a full suite of inspections and provide a complimentary 1-year home warranty to give prospective Buyers the confidence of knowing they’re buying a great home.  This minimizes the uncertainties that come along with buying a previously owned home.
  4. Marketing – Our website enjoys hundreds of thousands of listing views per month and ranks on the first page of Google for Real Estate in Orange County. With over 90% of Buyers searching online, we dominate the Internet. While the typical agent budgets $500 to $1,000 a month for marketing, Jay and his team spend over $120,000 per year to market our listings. Our client listings enjoy preferred placement on the top 4 most visited real estate websites on the internet:,  &

Ultimately, this type of web traffic has enabled us to build a database of over 10,000 active Buyers who are consistently searching for homes in and throughout Orange County. Once your listing is ready for market, the first thing we do is cross-reference your property features against the Buyers in our database, and many times we will have multiple Buyers suited for your property the day we are ready to come to market.

  1. Negotiation – Equally as important as the exposure we get for your home through marketing is the process of optimizing the opportunities that originate from our marketing efforts. Jay Bourgana is a Certified Negotiation Expert trained in the straight-line negotiation methods taught at Harvard Law. This win-win approach to negotiating helps provide our clients the best opportunity to attain the highest possible sales price and most favorable terms for you on the sale of your home.

The skillful execution of our 128 point home-selling process across these three key areas has proven to yield our clients the highest sales prices on record in most of the neighborhoods we have sold in.


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