Starting a Real Estate Career | What You Need to Know

Starting a Real Estate Career

If you are thinking about starting a career in real estate, I can tell you that there has never been a better time to get started in the industry.

The economy is tight and the number of transactions has gone down but this is still a great time to start your momentum so you can take advantage of the next bull cycle.  This career doesn’t work for everybody, but if you are changing industries and maybe collecting unemployment or you have some savings and you have about three months to six months to start a new career, it is the perfect time for you.

If you are thinking about doing this part-time as a side hustle it’s not going to work right now.

However, if real estate is your dream side-gig just wait till the market is hot. 

If you are committed to giving it your all for the next three to six months, where are you going to start? Usually, people start with traditional real estate offices, get some training, and hit the ground running. Unfortunately, it’s very hard during this recession to do that path. A  lot of these offices are trying to cut expenses and they’re a lot more focused on top producing agents and people that have been in the industry a long time.

They’re not really looking to hire or to bring in new agents. So the best option, in any case,  is to join a team. Teams have the ability to provide coaching, training, and they will try to aline with your goals because they’re investing in you.


Giving you opportunities for leads to work with their past clients by letting you utilizing their brand,  technology,  people, and resources. They should have their own marketing and operations person to assist you. As well as having a coach to help you to succeed as quickly as possible. 


Real estate is one of the few industries where you can make 100k to 150k in your first year which is a lot easier to do when you the guidance, training, coaching, resources, and accountability.

When your team has set a high standard that you have to meet, you’re more likely to meet those standards within an environment that is supportive. Where people are supporting you and want you to succeed. When you are picking a team I would just do some research. You can look at Yelp, Zillow, and you can ask around. 

 You will easily see who the top teams are in your area.  I would recommend interviewing all of them. They are going to be different styles of how to generate their business but the main difference for you is the culture.

Get to know what kind of people work there what is the leadership like, what are their values. Also, ask what their career path for you would be and what resources they are offering.

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