What Real Estate Agents Should be Doing Right Now | June 2020

What Real Estate Agents Should be Doing Right Now June 2020

Hey guys, this is Jay Bourgana with Homearly Real Estate. California is opening back up and buyers are getting excited to buy again. We are seeing a high level of traffic in terms of buyer inquiries, questions about our listings, and, a lot of agents asking to show our properties.

So if you are a real estate agent now’s the time to reconnect with all the people that you’ve been talking with since July last year and engage them in conversation again. Confirming their desire to buy what their needs are, narrowing down their choices, and finding ways to help them into a new home. Before prices shoot back up and they end up in multi-offer situations.

Now’s the time to call all your buyers that you’ve spoken to, you met with that told you they’re gonna wait until next year, the next recession, or for the prices to go down, regardless what they say, just give them a call, connect with them, find out where is their state of mind.

A lot of people have been saving money for the last three months, and people have gotten PPP money, emergency disaster relief money, and different sources of support. They’re ready to buy again and take advantage of the market right now, Bottom line, reconnect and help these buyers achieve their American dream.

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Talented and brilliant representative, and a wonderful person.

We are so grateful to have worked with him. And when the time comes to sell or buy a home again, there is no one else we could imagine turning to.